Amazon Sales Rank: A Guide to Growing Your Amazon Business

posted on 21/Wed/October/20

One question that crosses the mind of every ambitious Amazon seller is, 'How do I improve my sales rank?'. To be one of the best on the platform, you must have massive sales, traffic, and a growing business. Even though a lot of sellers know this, many aren't living up to the expectations.

In this guide, we'll explain all there is to know about Amazon Sales Rank and how you can use it to your advantage.

Amazon Sales Rank

What is Amazon Sales Rank?

Amazon Sales Rank (ASR) refers to how well a product sells in its category. Every product has a unique number, and the goal for many sellers is for their product to have the magic number (one) in their category. For example, if you sell pairs of trousers in the Clothing and Accessories category, they'll be ranked against every other item in that category. This allows both shoppers and sellers to know the 'next big thing' in each category.

The Amazon Sales Rank isn't always a comparison tool, but an indicator of how well a product is fairing overall. It is updated hourly to show every product's historical sale.

Is Best Seller Rank (BSR) the same as Amazon Sales Rank (ASR)?

It's confusing to differentiate these two Amazon ranks, and that's because they mean the same thing. On Amazon, both terms are used interchangeably.

How is Amazon Sales Rank calculated?

To calculate Amazon Sales Rank , the highest selling products are listed and given numbers from one. Amazon then chooses those popular subcategories where products have high rankings and assigns the ranks on the respective product page.

What key factors can help grow Sales Rank

With the knowledge of what Amazon Sales Rank is, the question changes from ' what does amazon sales rank mean' to 'how can one grow a product's sales rank?'. Here are a couple of factors that will be useful:

  1. An in-demand product
  2. A good sales strategy
  3. Inviting product descriptions and titles.

Top 3 Tools to Detect Sales and Sales Rank

A couple of tools that will help you out when you want to track Amazon Sales Rank include:

1. IO Scout

how to find amazon sales rank

IO Scout is a software that tracks products by bookmarking them. The tool monitors and analyzes more than 150 million products and allows you to obtain the history of all of them. IO Scout Amazon Sales Estimator gives updates of products on its watchlist hourly, and more than 30,000 sellers trust it.

2. Jungle Scout

amazon rank

Another tool that helps to keep tabs of sales and sales rank is Jungle Scout. By entering the sales rank, the marketplace, and the product category, you can receive monthly notifications. This tool is also useful in calculating sales.

3. Algopix

Amazon Sales Rank

Algopix's Amazon sales rank tracker helps sellers make informed decisions by providing data on the selling price, demand level, Gross Merchandise Volume, and sales volume of products.

How to Boost Amazon Sales Rank?

To boost your Amazon Sales Rank , focus on:

1. An optimized title and description

It is usually overlooked, but a lot of buyers judge products on the titles they have. Therefore, your product’s title should be infused with the best keywords, innovative, and informative. A product with an optimized title has a high chance of being at the top.

Just as how the title is important in growing a product's sales rank, so also is the description. Here, you can portray a playful side, but a decent amount of information must be in the description. When utilized properly, a clear description of a good product will make lots of people consider buying it. This will then lead to an improved sales rank.

2. HD Pictures

If the picture you use for a product isn't clear, best believe that not a lot of people will give it a second thought. Shoppers are attracted to what they see more than any other thing. So, even if you do well with other factors, but fail with this, you shouldn't expect a lot of sales or a growing business.

Therefore, use only HD pictures that fill 85% of the frame.

3. Infographics 

To completely convince buyers that a particular product is the best to go for, it won't be a bad idea if you use infographics. These charts and graphs add a special touch to the product, and may just be the deciding factor at the end.

4. FBA fulfillment

Shoppers like Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA) products because they only take two days to ship. Therefore, your sales will increase if you have this option for customers.

5. Price

If you want to rank high, your products must be priced competitively. You can reduce your profit margins just to grow your product's sales rank for a short time.

In Conclusion

If you are a new seller, it can be hard to get the visibility you want. Amazon Sales Rank is a tool to show how well your products are fairing in their category, and boosting it shows you're on top of your game.


What is a good sales rank on Amazon?

Since there are lots of products in each category, any double-digit number wouldn't be a bad sales rank on Amazon. However, don't limit yourself. If you think you can get the highest rank, then go for it.

How to rank higher on Amazon?

To rank higher on Amazon, make sure you are selling a product customers need. Once there's a good demand for it, devise a good strategy to help your sales. The moment your sales start increasing, you'll notice the change in your Amazon rank.

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